Tuesday, April 25th, 2017


Ryan and his beautiful bride Tori are expecting in July!! Their very first baby! our 9th grandchild! each one is so precious, unique, being lovingly raised. I know this new baby will be so loved, and a special “first” for parents and grandparents in Ontario. If only we could be living in all the places, at once, where our adult children, their wonderful spouses, and our fabulous grandchildren, live.  I’m not often the fawning grandmother, but once in awhile I can “let it out”…it’s a special privilege to be allowed into the circle of a young family, to share a little of that precious time with young children. Children make you “see” again…they notice things, ask questions, giggle. You can tickle them. You can hug them, you can love them.  Counting the weeks…


Monday, April 24th, 2017


so..I started to work on this scarf last summer…and, yeah!! I finally finished it. I’m actually really pleased with it. I did make a few other things in between, but this was always there, daunting me.  I had many wonderful helpers along the way, ready to give me encouragement and advice on pattern reading, and demos on various peculiar (to me) stitches. Believe me, I needed these kindnesses.


The scarf feels light and soft around my neck, and warm.  I can wear it in at least five different ways that I’ve discovered thus far, so I’ll deduct that from the time factor. What a lovely sense of accomplishment, though.  Now I need another hand held project to start on. Quilting, painting, they aren’t very portable.  I can even knit in the car…don’t try this if you’re the driver.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017


We spent the day and night in Halifax for our anniversary. Our first stop was at Drea’s…where we saw this sweet work of art.


After some exploring of stores, and shopping, we read magazines on the top floor of the awesome library on Spring Garden road.


Lastly, we went to the Neptune Theatre to see the musical “ONCE”.  Get there if you can. We loved it. Half an hour before it starts, and at intermission, you can go onto the stage and order a drink from the bar! You get to feel how the actors look out to the audience, the small space they manage to do every scene in.  The musical was fabulous. Go! Wonderful day, reflecting on our past 47 years, our family, going forward. Our usual “5 Year Plan” on our anniversary, or the review of the current plan, was so gentle. Keep working on our house, visiting our children and grandchildren, enjoying friends, doing some travel. Easy Peasy. Now to see what plans life actually has in store for us! Hopefully all good. Living with optimism. How else to live?

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017


A brisk spring day yesterday, but nothing deters my friend B. from working on her vegetable garden. With this view, right by the dykes, the trail, who would not want to be outside, melding into the scenery?


Another view at B.’s home. Imagine living where it’s wonderful all year round? We wouldn’t get so excited by spring and flowers then! Mind you, we would be outside more, enjoying nature more often. Well, this is where I’m “planted”…and I’m really enjoying this season coming back to us.

Friday, April 14th- Sunday, April 16th, 2017

IMG_4527 (1)

Had a little visitor over the long Easter weekend. These winter boots came in handy to cope with the muddy back yard…spring is here.


..and what better way to enjoy it…though going uphill on our driveway was a true challenge for me.  Noah spent his first Easter ( about 18 months of age) in this same little car…he was finding blueberries then…


..but this is now.  He’s progressed to chocolate. And what better place to find Easter eggs than near the Canada Goose, protecting her own “eggs”…


..and look who had an Easter Day birthday! celebrating with a freshly squeezed orange juice, and a personal bottle of champagne added to it. Started his birthday on a “high” note.

Monday, April 10th to Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


I spent a few days catching up with three different groups that I had belonged to on the Eastern Shore…in fact, I still belong to them, sporadically, and happily.  I had to walk the shore at Lawrencetown  Beach, of course! but it was all rocks, as it happens in the winter time, so I went over to the Trans Canada Trail, across the road…


..and walked out over the water, (on a narrow trail that lets you have this experience). Love the way the trails do that. Here is evidence or the origins of these trails…from Rails to Trails. It was about 6 degrees on Tuesday when I walked there.


OnWednesday, back here in the Valley, I went for another walk, but here it was 16 degrees. When we lived on the Shore, we would hear the weather reports about great temperatures …elsewhere!  That adage “bloom where you’re planted” comes to mind. I often resisted it, as I had had, previous to living in Three Fathom Harbour, a lifetime of weather similar to the Valley.   Strangely, now I find that I miss the turbulent ocean, the moon over Lawrencetown  Beach (which I was so thrilled to see on Monday night!) and the excitement of storms out there.  You can’t have it all, and the one shore is often cold and foggy and windy, and the other hot and humid and dry with a very different shore…there is no surfing here!   I love them both, and I’m so fortunate to have friends who let me stay overnight when I visit my “other” shore.

IMG_4525 (1)

I couldn’t resist this photo. The chartreuse of the bush on the left, my favourite colour, when it displays itself in nature like this, delights me! I feel the same about the new leaves emerging on Weeping Willow trees in the spring. The colour!

Thursday, April 6th – Sunday, April 9th, 2017


I went on a knitting retreat near Mahone Bay. Of course, this involved checking out the knitting stores in the area. This made me think of fruit and vegetable bins on display at market stalls. I love how the colours are presented. You could just follow the pattern in each bin, and presto, there is your new quilt, or scarf, or abstract colour theme..at least, that’s how I see it.


While the colour was in the stores, the view from our lodge…in colour!… looked nevertheless black and white. Sun rising, fog not.


A walk along the waterfront was more colourful…and so interesting.


Not only was it interesting, but …


….it encouraged interesting behaviour.     Some knitting occurred over these days.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2017


Out for a drive to the North Mountain area…loved the “soft” view…


Soon the trees will have their spring colours on, the hills will be green, all will change…this definitely looked like the beginning of spring…in its brown cloak, after shedding its white one.

Sunday, April 2nd and Monday, April 3rd, 2017


We finally saw Noah and family over the weekend…he grew!  he had a lot more vocabulary, and I heard him answer his dad in German! So, even though Noah completely skipped the Duplo phase from lack of interest, we decided he was ready for Lego. He took to it like a duck to water, as they say. Mind you, he didn’t actually build anything, but he moved the motorcyclist along, and was content to continue playing on his own…but alas, the family had to leave. Noah asked that we leave the Lego set up. We will…by using this photo to precisely follow this layout format when Noah returns for Easter… won’t he think we are the greatest, to leave it in tact all that time?


On Sunday afternoon, evening and today…I started working on an art show I’m in in June. It takes a lot to get me started, and I need about 5 more paintings, and a lot more tweaking on these, once the oil dries. It felt so good to get into the zone again. It’s odd what being away will do to you, that you aren’t even aware of. At some point, surrounded by flowers in N.Z., and L.A., I had a huge desire to paint flowers. Don’t judge these now, but it’s fun, and that’s what it has to be about, when you’re not a professional artist!!

Friday, March 31st, 2017


Even when it’s grey outside, flowers indoors give me a feeling of sunshine and Spring…


…in black and white or in colour…


..they put some Spring into your life!

I always seek out spring flowers at this time of year. Yes, the stores are selling them, but we need them! They help us with that transition period from snow falling  to flowers blooming. And I do love the floppiness of Tulips, the pungency of Hyacinths.

On a springy note, the crocuses are up in our front lawn, and the Witch Hazel bush I planted last summer, is blooming. Spring is arriving, the calendar doesn’t lie.  Well, they did say in Jen’s part of N.Z. that they missed summer altogether this year and went right from spring into fall weather, and we experienced that when over there.. but we don’t want to go right from winter to summer weather here!  People who experience four definite seasons a year, need all of them to feel that things are in order in the world. It’s troubling when it doesn’t happen that way. Meanwhile, as I write this, the Hyacinth is so fragrant around me that it’s as though it’s beseeching me to get off the computer and just  admire it .