Thursday, June 15th, 2017


Drea suggested that I can blog about flowers…so I will, even if it just interests her. As well, I have to be honest to myself, and I am passionate about flowers and trees, so why not show what I love?  Here is the view from our living room window today. Love it. We never had a blooming Rhododendron before last spring. We had a barely surviving, not blooming one on the coast. No comparison.


This is seeing it while standing on the front porch. The Japanese Maple and the white Alium bulbs were planted last year. I love how they compliment one another. Of course, the Rhodo and the Aliums will stop blooming, but that’s why spring is so special. You have to enjoy, savour the blooms, for the brief time in which they brighten the landscape.   Then you need to admire the next thing coming up. Oh, the challenge of planting things to bloom, one after the other, from early spring until late fall. I haven’t taken that one on yet.


Now in the back, I’ve created a strange garden. It starts with the beloved Judy tree, then Hostas neatly planted, then meanders past the Chestnut tree, to wild flowers, and is also interspersed with wild flower seeds, so it will change surprisingly over the seasons. Right now, I see a lot of poppy and lupin seedlings coming up. Some are already mature…look way down the garden…Yes!! our own Lupins.


Soon the wild things will take over. Love the delicate colour of the Lupin. I didn’t know at all what I’d get when I took seeds from our Spruce Court neighbours’ Lupins last fall. Surprise.


This is the last surprise, or is it? Frank working on the property… well, no surprise there. Frank is opening up the deck to create a platform for me to access the clothesline with greater ease than having to stretch out over the bamboo fencing. Frank is making steps down from the platform, with a bamboo gate at the top of the steps, and the other side fenced too. This way, if we come around from the side of the house, we can go up these stairs onto the deck , getting there faster…


..but then missing the flowers on the larger entry way.  There, Drea.  And thank you!


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


This was sunset last Saturday in Harbourville, about 25 minutes from our home.  We were visiting with a new friend, from Ontario, who is now making his home in N.S., which he calls the Canadian Riviera. His view is wonderful.


This is a view of the sunset last night on our old Spruce Court. I was visiting friends there, also with wonderful views.     I find it difficult to get photos now that we are “citified”…well, really “villagified”…I’m just not out walking beaches or seeing the sunset or the moon over water or amazing waves.  I’m loving all the spring plants, trees, that our warm valley can grow, but I don’t want to take photos of them for the blog. Alas, the blog is grinding slowly down. As well, I have a harder time taking photos of people, friends, family…feeling that they will publish their own photo if they want to. It leaves me too “self conscious” for my own blog. it’s more, “catch me if you can…when I can”.


Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Preparing the paintings I’ve recently done, for a solo art show at the Wolfville Library, starting this Thursday, and on for the month of June. My handsome assistant Frank, did the wiring, printed the cards, documented the pieces. Really, he’s a keeper! and his name should go on the paintings too, for all his effort. Wait! it is on the paintings…I took his name. It felt very strange the first time I had a piece in a show, and had to sign it. I felt my love for art was there long before I had my married surname.  “surname”…how peculiar for out times…these times…yet not so at the time when we married. And yet, and yet…I cried hard when our sweet daughter-in-law took that “surname” when she married our son. But…signing the art work always brings me back to my father, and his love of art, and his “surname” … my “maiden name”.  What’s in a name? a lot.


I think this is my favourite piece in the show, because the crystal vase was my mother’s, in my childhood home as I grew up and for some decades after I left home, eventually dwelling in my adult home. So, this painting makes me think of my mother, and my grandmother,  who, along with my my grandfather, lived with my parents, my siblings and me in that house filled with beautiful things. This is some of the power of art. It can move us, remind us of things forgotten, make us ponder. What’s in a painting? a lot.

May 15th -Wednesday, May 24th, 2017


Kaia is really chilled out now…adjusted to life with retirees. I recovered her dog bed, just to remind her that she’s not in Kansas anymore.


Also a “make work” project because of Kaia…Frank built this rack, with a pulley system, to quickly dry the towel that we use to wipe Kaia’s feet. Frank’s been getting very busy outside the house, and I don’t mean the garden. Hard to pin a good worker down.


Meanwhile, spring sprang in the Valley…this is our dining room view…


..and what we pass on drives…these pink trees seem to be the black sheep of this orchard.


..and it was warm enough for Noah to take Drea and me to Evangeline Beach.

yeah!!! spring.

Saturday, May 13th, 2017


So…a week has passed since Kaia came to live with us. Noah is here helping his Opa to build a gate across the deck to keep Kaia in. Meanwhile, to the right, Kaia is relaxing on the lawn, looking out for cats.


Noah, Kaia and I went for a walk to the trail..


..and ran!


Once back, Kaia had a shower and Noah had a bath, as we had had an adventure during our walk, involving old railroad tracks and a stream.  Frank was glad he had stayed home, but he listened to the story.


Then the dance party before bedtime routine had to happen! Now, bedtime…

Last night Kaia slept on Noah’s bed with him, and again tonight she took herself right up to “her boy”. Noah’s parents aren’t here with him this weekend…not sure if they’d be impressed or not, but it’s so sweet. I think Kaia misses her three children who are far away in N.Z. still, but Noah is filling in for the weekend, and we’ve been doing alright by Kaia during this first week, and visa versa.

Saturday, May 6th, 2017


We brought Kaia home today,  away from where she’s been lovingly fostered for over 18 months.  Her companion, Sandy, eagerly jumped into the back of our car, but Kaia needed to be placed there…she knew something was up…and more so when Sandy was removed. It will take Kaia awhile to adjust to no canine companion, no sheep, no chickens, rarely a leash, and her sweet energetic foster “owners”.  Just us, and a leash, and being tied up in the backyard when we are out there. City living. The countrified Kaia will have to cope with that…and we need to adjust to walking a dog in good weather and bad, every day, many times a day. We are giving up part of our life of ease…but gaining that indescribable thing that petting a dog’s ears, as it lovingly looks up at you…gives you back.  We hope to see a happier look on Kaia’s face asap.


Thursday, May 4th, 2017


enjoying an evening g&t after a day of walking and painting…


..speaking of walking, this couple walked right by where we were seated…


..we had had earlier visitors..


Herons and loons…


..and then a lovely sunset! more painting tomorrow, then done. I’ll miss the scenery, and the discipline.

Thursday, May 4th, 2017


I started a little yoga challenge a few weeks ago, so it has to be done daily. This is the first time I’ve brought my mat while visiting…so this was yesterday’s view for my yoga routine…Marianne’s winter space for painting.  Later in the day we moved these things to her actual studio, a separate building and a wonderful space to paint in….but in the morning I had enjoyed my surroundings inside and the view outside, while I struggled on the floor on my mat. The rest of the day passed struggling with painting in the studio.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


I had a little lunch stop on the way to Port Medway…stopping in Mahone Bay. This tree spoke to me of the sea, the salt air…


..and this one of the Folk Artists who “colour” our province.


..and this one of the promise of a new season…


Thursday, April 27th, 2017


Frank was busy on this lovely day…


Putting together, and installing, a screen door. Just in time service, as it was a warm one today!


Enjoying the Wolfville warmth as well was the “Judy Tree”. This tree was planted by Judy’s sweet daughters, after her death, nearly 8 years ago now, in front of the lovely home where Judy had lived. The new owners, good friends of Judy’s, cared for the tree, babied it, moved it to a different location in the hope of helping it out in its suffering from the salt air and the wind. Finally, last fall, they asked if we would take the tree, care for it in our location which was more suited to its delicate constitution. We did, we have. The tree survived the winter, and is thriving, and we have a little piece of Judy, somehow, living with us. This was a win-win for all of us. It makes me smile to see this tree outside our kitchen window, or when I walk by on the road, look up and see it there. It is about Judy, and her daughters, and the past, and the present…and its growth is about the future too.