January 30, 2012

I love this photo! Forest turned 3…and his guest was a was his friend from the turquoise house..Here they have both decided it’s time to leave the table, and are making their way off their separate tool box booster seats. It was at dusk, that lovely time of long shadows. The sun, low in the sky, was highlighting their curly heads. One looked so feminine, one so masculine, both so precious. Another moment.

January 28, 2012

The hydrangeas that line the streets, are coming to an end of their season. Some fledging new flowers are daring to start their cycle after the big rush, but overall, it’s a slow descent into brown, dried flower heads. There is, nevertheless, a beauty in the changing colours as this process occurs. the green, then whitish, then lovely blue mature flowers, change to delicate pastel purples and pinks, then start to brown up. Here in a house of youth, young parents, new babe, 3 year old tomorrow, I’m the pink turning hydrangea, and I can handle it, as I’ve had my good shot at the other stages. It’s the time to just be present, forget looking ahead to that brown stage. Just be delicate, pink, purple, serene.

January 28, 2012

Jen and Will’s house sold last week (conditions, but no biggies–privately, a biggie). As well, this is my last weekend here, or likely in NZ. Went out for a celebratory picnic. Forest, the tree climber, had his faithful companion Kaia, with him. She ALSO climbs trees! this is really hysterical to witness. Thank goodness she’s coming to Canada. This is one duo that shouldn’t be separated.

January 26, 2012

A rainy, windy day, so it seemed perfect for a sewing adventure. Jen and I, with much sweat and tears, made this bean filled dog. It took all day! sewing machine and by hand. Forest loved it, named it “Corduroy”, which it has on it’s body. For Jen and I, it reminded us of a children’s book “Corduroy gets a Pocket” about a corduroy bear, which was popular with our kids. Circles within circles. LIfe imitating life…something like that. Success felt good.

January 25, 2012

The love between a baby and it’s mother is so primal. The babe fixates on the mother’s face, learns to smile at her first. The lucky mothers of today make use of a good sling, to keep their babes where they want to be, and where their mothers want them to be too. Bonding goes two ways.

January 24, 2012

I couldn’t resist focusing on these babies today…pine cone babies. I tried to find the name of this pine, but could not. Nevertheless, it exists here and has the most amazing, upright cones. One of these is just around the block. When I’m pushing the stroller or walking the dog, I look forward to the part of my circular laps where this tree once again enchants me.

January 23, 2012

This bumper sticker is apparently common in NZ, which is a country that is mostly denuded to provide grass for grazing animals, who in turn are the major economy of the land. Therefore, vegetarians are “the enemy”, let alone the dreaded VEGAN….all evil, certainly. It lets us know how open minded our own NS or ONT. or LA societies are. “Open” is such an expansive word. I like it.

January 22, 2012

It was a lazy day. Nicola, a sweet young friend, was cuddling Forest to sleep, and Jen was in the hammock with Asa, both asleep, while Kaia stayed on guard. The moment didn’t last. Forest wouldn’t sleep, and had to have his nap indoors, and Asa woke up almost as soon as he fell asleep. Both the moment, it was wonderful.

January 21, 2012

This little munchkin wanted me to read him his bedtime stories tonight, because “Bubie feels nicer”. We laughed and laughed. Forest didn’t choose me because he liked “me”, no, he liked my soft skin! He loves me to hold him so he can touch my upper chest (he sticks his arms down my tops for a better feel of the “soft” quickly before he’s stopped) and my soft neck (ugh) and even my elbows (don’t think about that for too long either). I’ve always had soft skin, but I never thought it would become such an asset.

January 20, 2012

Frank is counting the days until I’m home again, and reminded me that I only have 12 days left here. It’s already precious to cuddle Asa until he falls asleep in my arms, then gingerly put him down. And he started to smile on Wednesday, just short of being 4 weeks! So much as I want to go home, I’ll be sad to leave!! It’s always amazing to be at a birth, and witness the first weeks of an new being’s life. An honour.