April 30, 2012

My former in law, Linda, took me to see her friend’s puppy…Misha ( his master is Polish) the pup looks smaller than the new “medium” Tim’s. The population’s dogs got smaller but the drinks got bigger. Interesting. Misha is a cockapoo..half Spaniel, half Poodle…a “designer dog” from the last decade. New designs come up often. Misha lives with his young owners in a condo, but he gets out to a dog park a few times a day. So many things have changed in my lifetime. It was fascinating to witness a few of them in this one moment today.

April 29, 2012

well, we’re into it now! we spent 2 hrs. circling this area, by the Roger’s Centre, where a Blue Jays game was letting out, AND there were streets closed for a parade in celebration of the Sikh New Year…trying to get into our hotel next to the Roger’s Centre. I felt as though we had the tour of the city in those hrs, seeing all the people out on the street. Spruce Court was a world away, the pheasants slowly trotting about.

April 28, 2012

On the road, eleven hrs. of driving today, but all good weather. I loved this part of the trip, in NB, where the rock is cut through for the highway. Dramatic. We passed flooding in NB and the remains of snowfalls in Quebec, stopping finally in Drummondville for the night. We were missing “the boys” yet happy for the family to have the house to themselves. Now that’s really dramatic, moving from NZ to NS!

April 27, 2012

the first day with the gang really here…thank goodness Drea came to the rescue, with energy and fantastic cooking, to mother the lot of us. Now we’ll leave for 10 days and let this family settle in…shades of Frank learning how to be retired while I was away. The house is cluttered, signs everywhere of the presence of these four Kiwis but the house was designed for exactly this. it’s humming contentedly.

April 26, 2012

A crazy photo of Jen and clan leaving LA…when they arrived here today, after missing their connecting flight (who could move those bags and dogs through Customs and still catch the plane?) they arrived exhausted..having left Tisha’s at 6:40p.m. and getting here at 4pm. our time…no sleep ever for the adults! We were too involved with the arrival for photos, so this one is “borrowed” but paints the picture. Now we’re ALL tired. ‘night.

April 25, 2012

CLICK ON THE PHOTO A calm night before “the boys” arrive tomorrow..Forest and Asa (along with their parents and dog). For the last two Scrabble games, I pulled out all the high point letters, plus this game I made two seven letter words..unprecedented. How do the odds go that way? for awhile in one game I kept getting only consonants, Frank only vowels. Life is like that…against the odds, oddly skewed, so you take the luck where you find it, and enjoy it!

April 24, 2012

I just don’t know how Jen and Will will like our weather if it’s like this, after their 10 days in sunny LA, preceded by of course, NZ…BUT there is the chance to just “chill” when the indoors feels like a cosy cocoon. And of course, being NS, you just wait awhile and the weather changes! There is something fun about that.

April 23, 2012

Working hard to get the house ready for the NZ family’s arrival on Thursday, while also working on another Shirt Quilt. I wouldn’t want to have leisure time! Actually, I need to be busy and often creative too, so it’s all working well. Lovely when we know what we need.

April 22, 2012

Today we had a lovely dinner out, with more talk emanating from our once yearly census taking on how our lives are clicking. The photo to match is from yesterday…the wonder of spotting a new (to us) seaweed, commonplace if you lived by Driftwood Beach. So it is with what to do in our future…it doesn’t take much to be somewhere new, do something new, discover something new. It’s right in front of you, with not much effort or expense, just the willingness to go exploring together.

April 21, 2012

It’s our 42nd anniversary tomorrow, but as rain is predicted (we were married on the first Earth Day, and our NS earth does need rain)…we decided on a road trip day today. We drove on the coast opposite Wolfville…past Parrsboro, up to Joggins, on the Driftwood Beach, and back…about 8 hours worth. Here we are at a lighthouse near the beautiful Five Islands. We had Daisy with us, because when we married, my parents gave us some money, and we immediately bought a Whippet with it! Dogs have been in our life together ever since. Sweet day, lots of time for thoughtful reflexion and fantasizing about our future.