July 31, 2012

Another day, another place, this time Richard’s property, facing the sea.  Now it was only Marianne and me, as Lis was off to PEI.  We really need three days, to get into the real swing of it. We keep saying “next year”. That’s a beautiful thing to say. It holds promise. Marianne and I formed our friendship through Judy, and continue it still. It’s the promise of continued friendship that comes with the “next year” phrase. Far and wide, friendship is so dear to me. Family are friends, our summer has been full of them, full of the love of both. Yesterday’s painting ended with dinner at Richard’s, whom Lis, Marianne and I met two years ago when we were painting opposite his home, the day his moving truck arrived. New friendships from art. Judy had her hand in that one for sure!

July 30, 2012

Never a quiet moment..well, yes there was, as Lis, Marianne and I  had our third “The Annual Judy MacLean Paint by the Sea” time.  Here we wandered across the street to Dorothy’s home, and painted the scenery, which often morphed into paintings of imaginary flowers.  Such is an artist’s prerogative. Thinking and talking of Judy, the true artist today.

July 29, 2012

Tori is making a free long distance call in Luckett Vineyards in the Gaspereau Valley, while Ryan is hovering near by. Another trip to this lovely area, to once more house hunt with Jen and Will. Lis was also there. Imagine the agents when 7 adults and 2 children came to the listed houses.  As well, a small world story happened in Wolfville, where a young woman I last saw 26 years ago when she was 11, when we lived in St. Catharines, recognized me!  And she has a new babe of Asa’s age..so there is a connection for Jen when she moves there. Life is so weird that way, and yet weirdness happens, coincidences are also a reality of life, just less frequent. Still shaking my head about it though. I love it when it all comes together..

July 28, 2012

Children let you see more of the world, by their inquisitiveness, their unique take on an experience, by their being young. Today we played on the deck, blowing  large bubbles. As those bubbles floated by, you could see our house reflected in them! even with a flipped imagine beneath it. It wasn’t a reflection of the house image, but another image, reversed…or something like that.  This wonder and amazement is given to us through play. Grab a child and go play.

July 27, 2012

You can’t get much more Nova Scotian. Here are Heidi, Tori and Lis, at Richard’s house, with the siding that was painted yellow over 40 years ago and is still clinging to that colour. The shirts are all Richard’s, provided for the warmth of these delicate creatures. always a good time.

July 26, 2012

Ryan and Tori have arrived, and what a joy still more hands are, for giving the attention to these little guys!  also Lis and daughter Heidi are here, and Drea hanging out with us too. Plus up to three dogs now in the house. Ryan made Frank’s bread…yum, and life was a party. This blog is meant for thoughtful comments, but sometimes it’s just what you get today..an event diary. Sometimes there is so much happening, that being thoughtful is not an option.

July 25, 2012

That wonderful time of evening, after dinner, still daylight, sun shining, and the contentment that arrives at the end of a good day. Here Jen is looking up profitable crops to grow on farms, while Asa is on the floor by her feet, doing the “caterpillar” , and Lis is deep into her mystery, after driving here from Toronto last night.  Me, I’m on my computer finally. The sun lengthens into the room as I type. Frank has picked up Asa and is listening to Jen’s findings. Will is putting Forest to sleep. The dogs have been fed and know evening is here. The time feels like the Savasana pose at the end of a yoga class.

July 24, 2012

Frank and I were in Wolfville again, seeing a house for Jen and Will, but all l wanted to do was just watch this corn grow.

July 23, 2012

Still on “your own backyard” theme…tonight Frank pulled the car over to get this photo from the hill just as you come upon it, having left the built up area of Cole Harbour, driving east. It’s always an “ah ha” moment..”I’m home”. The cars want to fly down this hill at 90K at least, so it’s also the moment to remember you have brakes, and can use them. The hill can close up now and then in a snow storm, just too difficult either way, but that is rare. The constant is the “ah ha”.  Great to get the shot after all these  years.

July 22, 2012

It’s always good to remember what you have in your own backyard. Here is the view coming up to MacDonald House through the woods by Lawrencetown Beach, then going past MacDonald House towards Stoney Beach, all just a long walk  from our front door.  This time of year is sort of like Christmas for retailers. Their whole year can depend on that season, can decide whether they’ll stay in business.  Our whole year by a foggy, windy shore, can depend upon these few months of adoration of this same shore to determine that we commit ourselves to another year here.