July 21, 2012

It’s all in your perspective. I love the sunflowers, but in leaning in to take the photo, there were the two munchkins behind the flowers, who couldn’t be missed from the shot. Normally I would have moved the vase to a spot that gave it its best side, but having the boys  as a background seemed to be the best side.  The grandchildren half way into the third month with us, is not the norm. Store bought flowers used to be the norm, but they aren’t the norm now either. Since Frank retired, he buys the groceries, and when it comes to buying flowers along with them, that only happens if it’s on the list! When I would shop, I’d often slip them in. So what is the norm? Now it’s grandsons, retired husband, working son in law, exhausted but cheerful daughter, happy city daughter visiting once a week, flowers only because our visiting Swiss neighbour Susan brought them over. And just when this seems to be the norm, this too will change. Ergo, norm equals change. Meanwhile, thanks for the flowers, Susan.

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