July 23, 2012

Still on “your own backyard” theme…tonight Frank pulled the car over to get this photo from the hill just as you come upon it, having left the built up area of Cole Harbour, driving east. It’s always an “ah ha” moment..”I’m home”. The cars want to fly down this hill at 90K at least, so it’s also the moment to remember you have brakes, and can use them. The hill can close up now and then in a snow storm, just too difficult either way, but that is rare. The constant is the “ah ha”.  Great to get the shot after all these  years.

One response to “July 23, 2012

  1. Tisha

    Ahhh, my favorite view near your house. I miss it this summer! All that nature and mix of water and green. Thanks for capturing it in a photo for me 🙂


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