July 29, 2012

Tori is making a free long distance call in Luckett Vineyards in the Gaspereau Valley, while Ryan is hovering near by. Another trip to this lovely area, to once more house hunt with Jen and Will. Lis was also there. Imagine the agents when 7 adults and 2 children came to the listed houses.  As well, a small world story happened in Wolfville, where a young woman I last saw 26 years ago when she was 11, when we lived in St. Catharines, recognized me!  And she has a new babe of Asa’s age..so there is a connection for Jen when she moves there. Life is so weird that way, and yet weirdness happens, coincidences are also a reality of life, just less frequent. Still shaking my head about it though. I love it when it all comes together..

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