August 3, 2012

Eating dinner outside is so easy in Burbank…no mosquitos! and wonderful company. Here three generations just happen to be wearing “Dutch” orange. Finn was giggling about Opa’s trick of pulling off his thumb ( a trick passed on through generations.)  When Finn tried it, he literally tried to pull off his thumb. I love how children make you laugh, make you be silly. It’s like a juice cleanse, but for the soul.

Opposite on the table, Keiran and I are wearing analogous colours (art talk). I’m fading quickly from jet lag (and my seniorhood) but having fun. Thumbs up to that.

After dinner, Tish and I picked up Maya from volleyball, and here Tish leads her into Ikea for a treat. We in N.S. would love to have an Ikea, and here’s it’s so accessible, you can just trot in for the food. There’s lots to love wherever we happen to be visiting, that’s how it is wherever one is actually living too. Sometimes I feel confused over my love of city life, with it’s ease, and my love of the ocean side life. It’s easiest to just enjoy where I am when I am. I’m enjoying a wonderful city life here, that includes waking up to the whinnying of t horses in the next door yard!


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