August 7, 2012

The homes in Tish and Wes’s Rancho neighbourhood, have horse themes, since horses live in the  backyards of many properties here.

Hence the “horse crossing sign”…

but also an area of beautiful vegetation.

Here is Tisha’s beautiful home..Spanish influence..

and from across the street you can see the neighbour’s old car parked in front. There is no salt in the air, nor salt on the ground in winter…so the cars last! Lovely place, and lovely to visit. For me, of course after the sweeties, is the beauty, the green. I think growing up in two homes in Toronto, both near major parks, has established my need for green. In high school I had the nick name “Jolly green giant”, as I loved to wear green, and was tall. Now neither are so true anymore, but I still love the green of nature.

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