August 8, 2012

Since it was only going to be 100 degrees F, Frank and I took Finn to the zoo today.


There we saw a woman drawing, and the orang-utang who was safely behind plexiglass, was completely intrigued, watching, curious. It felt like a Jane Goodall or Dianne Fossey moment. We were fascinated.


Later, in the “cooler” evening, Tish and I walked past this great food van. It looked like a Mary Kay pink Cadillac on something illegal.  There were three food trucks forming a semi circle, all set up for business till 8p.m.. What a concept.

Then we reached our destination, a Mexican restaurant with entertainment, and huge strawberry Margaritas.  When we first came to visit Tish in her new, we were introduced to these.  Now, 18 years later, they still create nostalgia in me. We never know what insignificant thing can take on power like that.

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