August 13, 2012

It was Jen’s birthday today, and Forest was excited all day long, which is saying a lot, as he’s always on high speed. While we were eating the cake, a wonderful one that Drea made, Drea looked over and noticed that Forest was finishing up a CANDLE.  When asked about it, he could only say that it tasted like liquorice and was better than the cake! Fortunately he had pulled the wick part out of his mouth. Forest got “the laugh of the day” award . I know “you had to be there” to find it as funny as we did, but that’s just what it is about kids. They make the ordinary things become magical or funny or absurd. They can transform things with their choice of words, or their take on what’s happening. No one can resist responding to it without a smile.

3 responses to “August 13, 2012

  1. Jayne Asselin

    That is the cutest story ever!!! Love it. Great comment from Forest too!! Kids are so honest too!! Jen looks great, and I love that Andrea made the cake!!


  2. Kate Fess

    How adorable of Forest! You gotta love the purity of children.
    Happy Day after birthday to Jen.


  3. Ha, Forest! I love how he preferred the candle to the cake, I hope Aunt Drea didn’t hear that… Cake looks beautiful btw, what kind is it?


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