August 17, 2012

As we were gathering up things for Jen’s family’s move tomorrow, I kept walking past this montage, and it always pleased me. I painted the large piece a few months back, but recently painted the three little guys, and was encouraged by fellow painter, Marianne, to hang them, which she in fact did. It’s wonderful for a painter’s soul to be encouraged in anything to do with their painting. I think most of us have fragile egos when it comes to showing our art. I’m working on the mantra that goes something like, if you don’t accept yourself or what you do, now, when will you, you’re not getting younger! It’s a definite advantage of aging, that you stop struggling so much. Here’s to aging!


5 responses to “August 17, 2012

  1. Tish

    Oh mom – so beautiful! I LOVE all of the colors. Where are these hanging? I have to learn from you to not be married to a set spot for my wall decor. Maybe it is time to move things around on my walls. I hope that one day I will have artistic passions and interests like you do. I truly look forward to finding time in my busy days of mothering to tune in to my artistic side, if I do in fact have one! And be proud of what you do! Just the art of doing and creating should stir pride in oneself.


  2. eastcoastbabs

    I agree with your last’s what I was saying. This collection is where the Dutch scene quilt had hung, in the hallway going towards the laundry room. The quilt now hangs above the couch upstairs, and the N.Y. sisters scene is now in the guest bedroom. if you have paint to match, you can move things around and just cover up the old holes. Often the new thing covers the holes up anyways. AND yes, you do have an artistic side. Remember that a piece of yours in public school was hung up in the St. Catharines art gallery once. I think you need to start finding bits of time, but really I didn’t start till around 50. Why not try a class of acrylic painting? It dries right away, and you could have a collapsible easel, just set it up outdoors…you have room. Thanks for the words. love.


  3. BEAUTIFUL Barb! xo Thanks for sharing your creative spirit through painting and through this blog! It such a nice way to keep connected to you and your life!


  4. I love all of these Barb… Tisha, how can you question your artistic spirit, for me it is unquestionable… ox C


  5. Lis

    Barb, they look wonderful, colours meld well, and the shape and sizes of the canvasses. I love all that. A great view when you walk past or towards it.


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