August 20, 2012

No internet for days, but I’m writing as though there was.  Here, Jen has put two Ikea tables together to make a great dining table. Have to love creative decorating, making things work. The quilt and sunflowers are also essential, or any art and any flowers. The wine helps too.

Jen in her lovely kitchen, even has a window seat, always sunny.

and look who grew so much while living with us…Mr. Asa, sitting here feeding himself beside his brother. I love it! Love having witnessed it. But boy, do you ever have to be young to be around young children all the time. We’re just ending 4 months that we’ll remember sentimentally, but right now with the moving too, it’s exhausting. Perhaps it’s what helps keep us younger too…but my sore back doesn’t quite agree.  Sweet home, sweet family.

3 responses to “August 20, 2012

  1. Wow, the new house looks beautiful! Are they renting or did they buy?


  2. eastcoastbabs

    They bought it…if you move to Wolfville, you could afford to buy too. It’s so reasonable, and a lovely little town of 4000…


  3. Good for them! My sister’s friend Erin lives on the mountain (maybe the south one) overlooking the valley and works at the Acadia library. They have an amazing property and bought it for a very reasonable price. Her husband is “The Noodle Guy” and has a little shop in town. Not vegan friendly, but sooooooo good!


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