August 22, 2012

The Minas Basin was slowly filling as I walked Asa for 2 hrs. along the waterfront/railway path. The other night the water was at high tide, and the view was blue ocean. I’m constantly impressed at how it changes, and what the setting sun does to it as well, really well.


To the left of the scene above, is the reason the area was dyked to begin take land for crops. This is a field of corn growing at  the edge of the Basin. Such different views wherever you go in this province, which is true of others too. You can go travelling in your own province and feel you’ve been on a trip.  Our trip tonight was going home after dinner, to make appointments for Thurs.., then back to the happy valley on Friday. There is an urgent need to create a fenced yard, for Forest and his dog, and especially to build his sandbox, which he had to leave behind in N.Z.. I’m always surprised by how verbal Forest is about what he misses from N.Z.. It’s like thinking a child is less sentimental than an adult, or doesn’t feel the effects as deeply, because after all, he or she is still with their parents, and that’s the most important thing at that age.  Actually, lots is important. As an experienced grandmother, I am humbled to say I’m still learning things about children.


2 responses to “August 22, 2012

  1. Marilyn

    wonderful moments, Barb! as an aside…we were out at Wolfville yesterday, too…we picked raspberries and grape tomatoes.


  2. eastcoastbabs

    it is a real fruit belt…right in Jen’s yard an apple tree is littering the ground with apples, and wasps! I do love the vegetation there, though. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate them. barb


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