August 23, 2012

Today at home, I worked on my studio, where Forest has slept for 4 months.  I put “Forest’s” bed into the other bedroom, which was completely emptied by Jen and Will for the new house. I LOVE the room with no bed in it! It feels so spacious, so breathable, calling me to do something soon. When Forest visits, I’ll fling a mattress onto the floor. Oh, I love this sense of my space, after 9 years of having a bed in my studio. What a simple luxury.

The new placement of the bed, the dresser from our den..a spacious guest room, with a great view.

We treated ourselves to a movie  “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, at the Oxford, our alternative theatre. I guess we were the only alternative patrons tonight. Wonderful movie. Already today, though, I missed the family, missed them in their home, the energy of being part of creating the space for them to nest in. Birthing, nesting, moving, rearranging furniture, “these are a few of my favourite things.” (sing like Julie Andrews here).

4 responses to “August 23, 2012

  1. cute end! and so great to have these “in and outs” that create changes, and the changes are so enlightening!


  2. Love the pic of your studio and of you in your own theater!


  3. Mmm, space to create, I like the sounds of that… 🙂


  4. This helps remind me that life is just a series of phases. Nothing’s permanent, always changing.


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