August 24, 2012

One day’s reprieve, then back to hard work…10 hrs. of this for the guys, more than 30 years apart in age.  Wow, it makes ageism just seem wrong.

Watching the workers, pretending to be cantering along…I love pretending, the more I do this with the kids, the more I think it’s so healthy. I’ll pretend that I’m a singer, guitarist, and dancer..I’ve always wanted to have those abilities, just on a personal level, and now I can…pretend to.


Forest asked if I could be on his “crew”…okay, let’s pretend I am…that lead to me shovelling the earth into a wheel barrel, which made me decide to create a garden island on the grass in front…tomorrow’s job. It wouldn’t have seemed right not to have something to do with gardening while here.  I don’t have to pretend to love being a gardener, and to appreciate the skills I do have, in real life.


One response to “August 24, 2012

  1. Leslie

    Ha, that crew of two, they have the same shirts and pants on, must be some new company in town; hope they do a good job. : )


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