August 27, 2012

Back home, where the setting sun tonight added an extra golden glow to the late summer garden. At this time of year my drive for gardening starts to wane. I always appreciate the seasons.  That brings the excitement of  gardening anew each Spring, and then the rest that Fall brings as my green thumb gets numb. Then comes Winter, and I start to get antsy for Spring to arrive and let me back to gardening. Don’t you love it? Like a gerbil spinning on a wheel.

2 responses to “August 27, 2012

  1. Kate Fess

    Your gardens are always so beautiful Barb! I agree about the seasons.
    I was just taking stock of my wild garden at Panorama this weekend with plans to re-arrange all of it for better light and balance. As it is, it’s crazy over-grown in some spots and bare in others as I never know what plants the deer will munch on yearly! So I’ll be placing some sacrificial ones at the front and hoping that keeps them away from the rear…. who knows how to keep yards beautiful while maintaining tolerance to our furry friends!


  2. eastcoastbabs

    I’ve never had that challenge, though we have deer. I guess they eat the wild stuff all around us. I move plants, even bushes and trees, like I move furniture. It can look good when you put it in, then it gets overgrown or just grown, and needs more space, or needs to go to the back. The constant balancing of the garden is part of the appeal. This weekend I’m purging some of my garden to create more garden for Jen, as Frank works on a deck. I love that part of creating beauty where there was just functionality.


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