August 30, 2012

Where are my playmates? gone to Wolfville everyone. We’ve had visitors from Toronto, Ottawa, Switzerland as well. All gone. Summer is over when we’re back to two of us. It has a gentle feel, like the photo, but still with some longing. As well my blog year is also drawing to an end..about a week left. Writing each day makes me conscious of the time passing in a larger way, and also shows me the circles that repeat each year. I know the deck will be peopled next summer once again.

3 responses to “August 30, 2012

  1. Marilyn

    Seasons are lovely…as are your thoughts, Barb.


  2. Marianne Weeks

    I miss you all! I didn’t get to spend as much time with you as I would have liked this summer…perhaps next summer…
    I’ve just been catching up with all your postings…they haven’t been coming through my email and I haven’t been on FBook much lately. I love your blog and how it keeps all of us a little closer to your world. I love the way you view the world and find something beautiful and clear in each day…and you take the time to observe…that’s what is so special…I’ll miss this when it’s gone…

    Love you all!..M


  3. eastcoastbabs

    thanks for the comments…it may be that I just post now and then…thinking about that idea, as even I am reluctant to put my camera down, and might miss my chance to write, however little…not sure yet.


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