September 4, 2012

Another wall hanging done…how I love to be creative! It seems a good ending to my year of blogging, which started with me working on a quilt last September as well. I will keep up the painting and quilting, but man, what will I do about my small daily dose of writing and photography? That’s the unexpected gift that came from the daily commitment. I’m hooked on two new things!

The blog itself is a wonderful memento for me of  a very busy, interesting year. Looking back at it allows me to see myself clearer, respect myself more, admire myself more. These aren’t light things! Turning 65 this December has made me more reflective as the date approaches. What do I want to keep doing? What do I want to change? What do I want to dream about, to wish for? The blog  has helped me get closer to the answers.

To each of my readers, thank you for indulging me this past September to September. I didn’t know I would need you, but once I knew you were out there, I felt you, I appreciated you. You helped me reach my goal. You honoured me by caring enough to be a reader of this humble little blog. Have a great year yourself, each and everyone of you.

September 3, 2012

The Canada Goose wants to know what I learned during this past year of a” photo a day”…I keep pondering this as I have two days left of that year. Did I learn anything? Yes…to look at my day, to say “I wish I had my camera with me right now”..which meant I was really seeing something, it moved me, I wanted to share it.  I learned that the seasons are a joy, which I knew, but I appreciated them more somehow. And that to watch a baby being born will always be the highlight of a year.  And that the seasons, and what you do within them, start their spin again, as I head off to the annual cottage weekend with girlfriends in Ontario, that I blogged about last September.  These “traditions” stabilize your being. I don’t need to repeat them in another year of blogging. I just need to absorb the comfort they give me.


and so to a late summer sunset, coming before 8 p.m., the harbinger of fall, and also that season’s gift, starting often as we prepare dinner in the glow of it.  I can always be delighted by a sunset  no matter how often I view one. Somehow nature keeps me “looking”.

September 2, 2012

who is this child, and what have his parents done with Forest?  or…where have all the curls gone?

It was traumatic for Jen to (a.) give Forest his first hair cut, herself, and (b.) cope with how old Forest suddenly looked.  I’m still in shock too..If Forest is getting older almost instantly, what is happening to the rest of us? We better Carpe Diem pronto.  ASAP…


September 1, 2012

Follow me to…

Lawrencetown Beach, as seen this a.m. on our way out to Wolfville.  Often I wish I was a surfer, as this is so close by, so available, and seems so magical, to huddle under the curl of a wave, to ride on its crest, to do any of it, starting with getting into the wet suit and heading in no matter the temperature or the season. To have the passion. I have my passions, but painting and quilting don’t  get me into the outdoors, on top of the water, on a natural high in nature itself.  Another life. The one where I can sing and dance and play guitar as well.  But my senses still can take delight by being the voyeur.