September 3, 2012

The Canada Goose wants to know what I learned during this past year of a” photo a day”…I keep pondering this as I have two days left of that year. Did I learn anything? Yes…to look at my day, to say “I wish I had my camera with me right now”..which meant I was really seeing something, it moved me, I wanted to share it.  I learned that the seasons are a joy, which I knew, but I appreciated them more somehow. And that to watch a baby being born will always be the highlight of a year.  And that the seasons, and what you do within them, start their spin again, as I head off to the annual cottage weekend with girlfriends in Ontario, that I blogged about last September.  These “traditions” stabilize your being. I don’t need to repeat them in another year of blogging. I just need to absorb the comfort they give me.


and so to a late summer sunset, coming before 8 p.m., the harbinger of fall, and also that season’s gift, starting often as we prepare dinner in the glow of it.  I can always be delighted by a sunset  no matter how often I view one. Somehow nature keeps me “looking”.

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