September 4, 2012

Another wall hanging done…how I love to be creative! It seems a good ending to my year of blogging, which started with me working on a quilt last September as well. I will keep up the painting and quilting, but man, what will I do about my small daily dose of writing and photography? That’s the unexpected gift that came from the daily commitment. I’m hooked on two new things!

The blog itself is a wonderful memento for me of  a very busy, interesting year. Looking back at it allows me to see myself clearer, respect myself more, admire myself more. These aren’t light things! Turning 65 this December has made me more reflective as the date approaches. What do I want to keep doing? What do I want to change? What do I want to dream about, to wish for? The blog  has helped me get closer to the answers.

To each of my readers, thank you for indulging me this past September to September. I didn’t know I would need you, but once I knew you were out there, I felt you, I appreciated you. You helped me reach my goal. You honoured me by caring enough to be a reader of this humble little blog. Have a great year yourself, each and everyone of you.

6 responses to “September 4, 2012

  1. Leslie

    I love the quilt (as I have loved all of your others) — seems somewhat Picassoesque!

    As to the blog, the writing, philosophizing, the moment-capturing by camera:
    keep it up! It’s wonderful.

    All those ‘questions-for-self’ you posed are all the ones the astrologer said were what the Venus Transit was about!


  2. I will miss my daily dose of barb. I guess I’ll have to phone.


  3. Karin

    Beautiful quilt, and a bittersweet post. I will miss reading your daily musings, but I am glad that I was able to have a peek into your life over the past year.

    You don’t have to stop, you know……..


  4. Marilyn

    I have loved reading about you. Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Thanks for being an inspiration to me in my quilting endeavours and in your self disclosures of your blog. Happy 65th year. (I, too, am turning 65 in December).


  5. Marianne Weeks

    Thank you beautiful Barb!..for sharing your daily thoughts and visuals and keeping your friends in touch…I’ve enjoyed them all and will miss that connection…perhaps you will keep it going with a casual post and pic on FBook?
    Talk soon…xo


  6. I’ll miss your blogs Barb… Really… A lot…

    Love the quilt!



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