October 6, 2012

Sleeping beauties…Kaia, Forest, and Anna, (sweet Judy’s sweet daughter)..having a “nap”, and all sleeping over at our home …as  well, Judy’s other daughter Laura is sleeping in our driveway! in a motor home, with her husband. Lovely to have both young women in our space, remembering all the years we lived so near them, and knowing that our bonds won’t break with distance.

6 responses to “October 6, 2012

  1. I love this photo, Barb. And your kind words. So glad to be a branch on this family tree!


  2. Dee Dwyer

    What a great photo of Forrest and friends. I notice both boy and woman are touching the dog. Yes, distances are shortened by visits like these ones. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs and warm pumpkin pie-smelling warm wishes ! Btw–Asa in Japanese is hemp and morning.


  3. Marianne Weeks

    Soo sweet…and how wonderful that you have ALL your family home for Thanksgiving…and now new additions with Laura’s husband…how wonderful that your home feels like home for them…it’s a soecial place indeed!
    Much love to all of you and I’m so grateful for your friendship…


  4. eastcoastbabs

    thanks for all the lovely messages…warmth and love back to you.


  5. I love this, so beautiful…


  6. great pic! so glad you’re still blogging, i always enjoy stopping in!


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