October 30, 2012

This is Frank’s lunch, and a typical one at that. Me..I’d be an anemic tea and toast old lady, if living on my own. Frank’s mother, on her own, would make the best meals for herself, make extra, freeze that up like a T.V. dinner, label it. Wouldn’t be me. I so admire it, but ultimately I’m too lazy or indifferent, or just too busy or involved to want to stop and make that effort. I also don’t have that sense of time around mealtimes. Once again, visiting with my mother in law, after a few days, I’d be hungry like clockwork on her regulated eating schedule. I always say everything we do, we do in accordance to our personality, and when it comes to food prep and mealtimes, Frank and I are very different. He definitely scores higher in this arena. Not always, but this one is his point.

3 responses to “October 30, 2012

  1. Karin

    I’m like you Barb, I think that I would live on poached eggs on toast, I’m not even sure that I would bother with the tea! It’s good to know that Frank is there to look after your nutritional needs.


  2. carole

    I would love to live with both of you…Frank can cook for me any day…you and I could paint and draw and decorate to our hearts content…nap too…if it weren’t for someone like Frank I would have a very helter~skelter kind of eating “non plan” as well. This dish looks like “art” and is nutritionally perfect…Peter wants to move in too!


  3. eastcoastbabs

    Please, all of you, come move in. We’re lonely here. Lots of beds…we can sleep 16 without anyone sleeping on the floor…what’s keeping you? Frank promises to make lovely meals.


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