October 31, 2012

What a treat to actually take part in Hallowe’en with the Kitty and the baby Panda, and their mom. It’s still a novelty to be able to do a day trip to Wolfville and enjoy a hit of grandchildren…especially today. Jen already knows so many families in such a short time, and that puts me back to our days in St.Catharines, when we had our fourth babe and so many many friends. It’s a wonderful time in life.

2 responses to “October 31, 2012

  1. Karin

    So cute! I think that the Kitty and the baby Panda (and their mom) are happy that Bubbe can share the fun times with them. (Is that Hennigar’s?)


  2. eastcoastbabs

    I think they were happy for it that day, as Will was still at work. The place is the market, an indoor one now, open Saturdays and Wed. evenings. On Hallowe’en there was a haunted yurt there! and great food samples and tons of dressed up kids and vendors. A wonderful place, great town.


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