October 21, 2012

Look who hung out in my studio today, painting a winner in one long sitting, while I worked on a quilt and Frank helped me with technical aspects of it. It was a family fest…you see the wine class, and of course Daisy was there too. We were all three of us so impressed with Drea’s results, and the fact that Drea took that photo early the other morning from Lawrencetown Beach and then produced this! Good things can follow from a love of nature, a love of photography, a love of painting.

…then a long walk at Conrad Beach for all of us.

October 20, 2012

On a walk on the Trans Canada Trail near our home, I looked across the water to take this photo of our home looking back at us. You can see the tower. The question is, did I catch a bald eagle or a black winged seagull in the shot. Zooming in didn’t help me answer my question. The thing is, it’s a lot like the rest of life. There is something in front of your eyes, and you’re not seeing it because you’re looking past it, above it, below it. Made me give my head a shake.

October 19, 2012

Richard and I did an art swop, and this is what I was the lucky receiver of…it makes me smile every day. Come on over and see it…

October 18, 2012

sunrise from our tower window…7a.m.

Lawrencetown Beach..9a.m.

Blomidon view from Muir winery in Grand Pre,  where Val and I had a tour, tasting and lunch..

sunset at Lawrencetown Beach, MacDonald House hill…with Drea, Daisy and photographer Frank….A nature lovers dream day…

October 17, 2012

A lovely hike today along Kingsport Beach in Canning, near Wolfville, with best pals Forest and Anders. Jen and Anders’ mom were friends in Peterborough and now live near each other, allowing this next generation of friends to develop… I went to take this photo of the two boys when Forest told me “to sit down and take a photo of all three of us.” Happily a willing adult took the photo, but I loved the sweet request.

Here are future engineers? at work, as team, with a leader and follower. I loved hearing the interplay. Puts me back in time, as being a grandparent is so good for. Great day. (the guys were still working on the deck!).

October 16, 2012

An evening full of laughter, though we discussed a serious book at this “Face to Face” meeting. Discussing a book together always generates some new knowledge about the life, present or past, of the members. You can never imagine where the conversation will head, but wherever it goes, it’s enlightening, even if it just gets you the name of a new hairdresser! That’s important information too. I belong to three book clubs, though I rarely make it to all of them. They each have a different flavour, but all lead to knowing one another at a deeper level. Such a simple format to give us so much back.

October 15, 2012

I’m still running about as I did when Frank was at work, but Frank is finding such a love for being at home, working on the house, walking Daisy, cooking. We’ve been in N.S. so long that Frank decided he needed to learn to make his own Oat Cakes, chocolate dipped. It’s a real gift to not find yourself ever “bored”, and we’ve both been gifted. Now if there weren’t any calories in Oat Cakes, that would be a gift too.

October 14, 2012

How great to spend a rainy fall day with friends, playing Scrabble, the fireplace on, the soup warm. Out of 6 games I didn’t win one! but that doesn’t really matter. Now Frank  winning four  does matter!  There is something about the foggy cool weather that has this calming effect. Thankfully the weather changes up, or I’d be one big couch potato!

October 13, 2012

I helped out on a quilt today at Heritage Village…a village where time stopped in the ’50s. It’s a treat to go back to that era now and then, compared to our computer age. Of course, that ‘s what I’m using here, but I can still think it’s taken something away as well as given a lot.

October 12, 2012

Richard, with two of his three sons. Richard is a fabulous, proud dad, and now we have met all of his sons during the past year, to our delight. It adds such an element to a friendship to care about a friend’s children, whatever their age. Like a spouse, the children are such a huge part of a friend’s personal life, and knowing them adds to the depth of the friendship. To this end, it is an honour to be invited to be part of family gatherings, when the adult children do not live near by. Plus we like Richard’s cooking!