November 6, 2012

Marianne and I drove up to Pat’s property, to see her great view. On the way back down, the bulls in the field decided we were the view!

Then a walk on Dyke Rd. Beach, where the Heron kept his back to us. Lovely that we could see and be in nature, then go to the Rose and Rooster Cafe for lunch. I thrilled to have that place in our neighbourhood…then adieu to Marianne, back to real life, like the U.S. of A. elections!


3 responses to “November 6, 2012

  1. I think it’d like to own that house with the farm land right in front of the water. What a great view.


  2. eastcoastbabs

    it’s on the road to Alice’s house and Pat’s driveway, past Douglas’s farm. The cows and water are great, and the cows seem to enjoy life..but we know their end. You should drive or walk up to Pat’s property and see the view yourself.


  3. Marianne Weeks

    It’s a fantastic view all 360 degrees!…a perfect place for a house or just a summer picnic…and the cows are cool….


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