November 7, 2012

We watched the elections last night at an American neighbour’s, with other Americans.  I’m in a chair on the right.  The group stayed there till 1 a.m., so it gets to be today’s blog…

I started to fall asleep, so one of the crew put a blanket on me, which made me laugh. I can only be interested in politics for so long. There, I admitted it.  I’m thrilled though that Obama won.  Frank was up till 3 watch the acceptance speech. We were a tired pair today.



3 responses to “November 7, 2012

  1. Marilyn

    I think that there were alot of tired people around today…we also were some of those people. It was quite fascinating to watch…and in the end a very good speech, too.


  2. Karin

    See, that’s why you should live on the west coast!


  3. Marianne Weeks

    Looks like it was a fun night! and a great outcome!


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