November 9, 2012

Leslie’s cat Maia jumped onto my shoulders,then made her way onto my arm..she would have been happy to stay there. I would have been happy for her to stay around my neck…couldn’t think of a cosier neck warmer! I love cats, miss them in my life. Frank has allergies…so be it.

The lovely lady, Leslie, who embraced the poem, “When I’m an old lady I shall wear purple”, decades before the poem was written and well before she was “old”, (which is of course all relative, though now that I’m about to be, and hang out with, women around 65, I have to admit we’re in the last third sector of our personal century on earth)..stands before her purple studio door. Leslie’s favourite colours are purple, turquoise, fuschia and orange…and you’ve seen our house…I love colour too, but with Leslie, she LIVES the colours..she boldly features them, wears them, has her house inside and out say it out loud. You have to love that. The embracing of it, like the poem.

One response to “November 9, 2012

  1. Marianne Weeks

    You look good in cat! And wouldn’t Daisy love a cat to play with…hehe…or not…xo


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