November 11, 2012

I worked on baking for an event tomorrow, and after all the doing and the mess and the clean up and then the tasting….the flour had gone bad! It’s like life.  You can take all the right steps and sometimes things just don’t come out right. We all have examples of that. Nice to know that it’s not because we did anything wrong.

3 responses to “November 11, 2012

  1. Jen

    That is so frustrating. I probably would have cried! I hope you didn’t:)


  2. Julia

    Oh, I have had that happen to me and I think I did cry. It feels like such a waste. Know how you feel, Barb.
    I made Christmas fruit cakes yesterday and when I poured the sherry on the fruit I was afraid that the sherry had spoiled so I poured brandy in too hoping that would fix it! I’ve baked and tasted the cakes and they seem fine. Now to wrap them in rum soaked cheese cloth. Surely all that alcohol would take care of any badness the sherry may have had in it ?


  3. eastcoastbabs

    I didn’t cry, though that would have been appropriate, as I also threw away the quinoa brownies. Even when you find a recipe that tells you to substitute flour with cooked quinoa, don’t do it! so two things down in one evening!
    As for the potentially bad sherry, I do think enough alcohol will counteract that..but I’ll have to taste the fruit cake after Christmas, to do my own investigation.


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