November 13, 2012

Can you believe the weather for this day in November? After a walk at 9 a.m., with just a cotton jacket, wearing a skirt, I was perspiring! Amazing. I know tomorrow is bringing in the cold and the wind, but today was today, and it was marvellous.

4 responses to “November 13, 2012

  1. Karin

    Daisy seems to be enjoying it too!


  2. Elaine

    You and Daisy both look beautiful. What a great photo to go with such a gorgeous day!


  3. Marianne Weeks

    What a cute picture of you Barb…you look like a little girl!…and Daisy looks younger too…
    We had a bit of snow in the air today and then the sun came out…


  4. You’re gorgeous Barb! Love Daisy’s posture in this. “I’m a good girl!”


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