November 14, 2012

I’ve just finished another quilt…not the one in the photo..but it represents all I love about quilting…making the choices on my own about the shape, size, colour, location of each piece, and then how to quilt or not quilt the surface of that piece. I get lost in the details, not in a tight way, but in a creative way…making decisions. And now that I’ve finished another project, I instantly long for the next. I need a good pause button now and then, so I can concentrate on watering my flowers, answering my email. Usually my pause button is a good book, and that sends me into the vortex again. OH MY!

2 responses to “November 14, 2012

  1. Is this one of your quilts? If so I’ve never seen that style from you! It’s beautiful whoever’s it is. Nice post!


  2. eastcoastbabs

    it’s a close up of one of the squares in the quilt I made for Cody and Laura…thanks for the kind words. I could make a quilt that was just one square like that, but bigger…


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