November 20, 2012

aside: nice look to that date…11/20/2012

I digress. Here’s a photo of all the plants Richard brought over for us to care for as he’s doing the family rounds in Ontario for many weeks. You have to love a man who loves to propagate blooming Hawaiian trees, from seeds, in his home off the blustery coast of N.S.. He also has geraniums year round indoors, and saves his poinsettia from year to year. Of course, there is as well the tree he brought as a cutting from Rhodesia…He’s very generous. We too now have “imported trees”..My studio is always a flexible space, from guest bedroom to sewing studio to art studio to greenhouse…like we all should be!

2 responses to “November 20, 2012

  1. Julia

    Wow! What good friends he has and I’m impressed by his green thumb.


  2. Lis

    Richard in Ontario? Is there a chance of bumping into him? Do you know where he is, Barb?


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