November 28, 2012

Frank was looking for something physical to do…a project, a long walk..and Tish suggested doing a make over of Caleigh and Maya’s room, which was crowded with a double bed bunk bed system, in order to leave the garden doors free…but…

decorators prevailed, Frank, Tish and I did the job, and upon Caleigh’s return…

there was our reward… the smile!  This is wonderful for a girl about to be 13…to have her own half of the room. Always puts me back to when Jen and Drea shared a room. The circle of life continues to be circular!

4 responses to “November 28, 2012

  1. Heather

    Babs – I simply love these glimpses into all things Lussing! I am so glad you decided to continue with your blog. Hugs to all…H


  2. eastcoastbabs

    thanks Heather…especially after today’s blog, as it feels like a diary lately, no big philosophical queries, so nice to know that that’s going down okay. You know, I get insecure. Thanks…send me photos with an email, for me to get a glimpse of your life too. love you.


  3. Elaine

    I really love your blogs too. I was thinking the other day after reading one of them that if you were locked in a cave for a month, you would still manage to find some beauty in it. You have a very special gift, so don’t ever be insecure.


  4. Sweet, love that smile… And yes Barb, you know I love your blog. 🙂


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