November 19, 2012

This fall we actually had enough warmth on our coast, and not the usual wind, that leaves remained 0n the bushes and trees, and some turned RED. This may not seem like much to you who live near Deciduous Trees, but to us on SPRUCE Court, it was a big thing.  I love the red of this Serviceberry Tree against the greying cedar, and the blue of the sky reflected in the porthole.

Not to be outdone, the sunset was beautiful, even in the slice of it seen above our blinds, which weren’t raised to their full height to under the transoms. Red was today’s colour of the day.

November 18, 2012

A sunny, warm(ish) day on the beach. Drea carried Asa, and the rest of us took turns with Forest as he lagged.

The dogs had to cope with being on leashes today. We decided to play by the rules for once.

I love this photo…

November 17, 2012

On Monday a.m. I decided I’d help an outerwear clothing drive for the homeless and needy, and by Friday, with the help of friends who answered my request, my little car was packed. The coats, etc. delivered today amounted to about one tenth of all the contributions the organization obtained. This was so easy to do, and so effective. Made everyone who helped out feel good, and did so much good. A no-brainer for next year.

Here is Forest, asleep on our bed before going to a bed near his parents for the night. He’d be a hard one to sleep with, the way he moves about, and with his current cold, but he’s oh so huggable!


November 16, 2012

What’s a retired man to do? After working as the neighbourhood handyman all day, Frank took his R&R with his computer, AND mine. His IPhone must have been nearby too. Me, I went and read in the bathtub. Each to their own, and often the tables are reversed, though I stick to one computer at a time.

November 15, 2012

I missed summer today. It was cold, I was cold, the sun wasn’t shining, winter is coming in a month…on the other hand, the day winter starts, the nights also start to get shorter! It’s a wonderful phenomenon. I think this is the hard part, these next 30 plus days as we lose our daylight so early. So I’ll just imagine floating on a warm lake in Ontario…the warm sun beating down. Umm, I feel warmer already.

November 14, 2012

I’ve just finished another quilt…not the one in the photo..but it represents all I love about quilting…making the choices on my own about the shape, size, colour, location of each piece, and then how to quilt or not quilt the surface of that piece. I get lost in the details, not in a tight way, but in a creative way…making decisions. And now that I’ve finished another project, I instantly long for the next. I need a good pause button now and then, so I can concentrate on watering my flowers, answering my email. Usually my pause button is a good book, and that sends me into the vortex again. OH MY!

November 13, 2012

Can you believe the weather for this day in November? After a walk at 9 a.m., with just a cotton jacket, wearing a skirt, I was perspiring! Amazing. I know tomorrow is bringing in the cold and the wind, but today was today, and it was marvellous.

November 12, 2012



Sometimes looking up can change your whole point of view.


November 11, 2012

I worked on baking for an event tomorrow, and after all the doing and the mess and the clean up and then the tasting….the flour had gone bad! It’s like life.  You can take all the right steps and sometimes things just don’t come out right. We all have examples of that. Nice to know that it’s not because we did anything wrong.

November 10, 2012

What are they all looking at? I don’t know. Life is full of mysteries.