December 31, 2012

IMG_3342It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’ll confess, Frank and I stayed in…Frank recovering, slowly, from bronchitis and I appeased by candlelight and conversation. The conversation was stimulated by a message from our bank! with quotes and questions for pondering on this eve of a new year. It is something I always value, being reflective, looking back and that helping you to see what the looking forward could look like. Some concrete ideas, some plans, some dreams. Good night, 2012.

December 30, 2012

Image 1


Today life felt like a dream…not a good one or a bad one, just a dream. I chose to not leave the house, nor really the couch, as it was windy and rainy, and a little disappointing as we expected a huge snowstorm, received elsewhere, but we had nada. This image of our house, created by Tori blowing a bubble while playing with Forest this past August, has our home reflected and reversed. That’s what today felt like. I find it hard to just relax, without a purpose or goal. I want to feel creative, not feel as though I’m in a bubble, yet clearly the past weeks and sickness demanded just that. How I rage against what I think I want when I don’t have it. Double-Bubble talk. Also spent a lot of time looking at all the photos of 2012, and taking none. That kind of day.

December 29, 2012



Well, holidays have beginnings and endings, and today was an ending. Will had already driven back to Wolfville, and Jen, Forest and Asa were next. Drea, in her usual pose on the couch…for a couch potato, she loves hiking!…hung out with us a while longer, but then too departed. The house is incredibly quiet…no daughters, no son in law, no grandsons, no grand -dog. ┬áJust us, reading our Christmas books, Daisy at our feet. It feels quickly lonely till we once again adjust. And that’s what it’s about. Adjustment…always, chronically adjusting to change. Bending, shifting, swaying, whatever you call it. If you don’t do it, you’ll break. ┬áBe like the trees in the wind, a perfect analogy, when you look at our wind blown trees on the eastern shore. This shore has its lessons for us. Goodbye for now, our lovely holidayers…


December 28, 2012



Driving today, I had to pull over at the sight of this white like a Blue Heron but more magical in the winter…is it winter? we only have rain and fog…


December 27, 2012



What do you think? Will Forest become the next cook in the family? He’s encouraging Frank who is making Vegan Pierogi Pizza. A kitchen is always the seat of the home. Love that.

December 26, 2012



When Frank, Drea and I went to take Forest to the beach, he said he was too tired to walk…hence the stroller. Then Forest fell asleep before we left the driveway. He was our experiment on the effects of sugar! and lack of sleep and lots of excitement on a young child. Daisy looks so protective!



Back home, Will needed to slice lots of onions to saute for our pierogi, so he improvised to save his eyes! I think we all had too much sugar, lack of sleep, lots of excitement. Bring it on…

December 25, 2012



Richard sent mistletoe from Ontario, to “Frank’s beauties”. He looks forward to catching said beauties under it upon his return to the ‘hood.




The dogs love all this celebrating and visitors. I don’t know about them, but we’re going to enjoy getting out of the house to go to the many street parties still to attend. Hope you are all enjoying Christmas and the season with or without your children, with or without your pets, with or without your friends. However it finds you…may it be merry.

December 24, 2012



I love seeing three generations of a family being together. Here Will, his dad, and son Forest, all put in equal effort to set up this Christmas gift. Moments like this are special to me. In my own family, my grandparents lived with my parents, siblings and me, so such moments did not hold the same preciousness. As a child you take for granted that you are living with these grandparents who love you..and there isn’t the excitement then of the grandparent visit. I wish I could tell my grandparents now that I loved them everyday and taking them for granted was just an inevitable downside of living together. Perhaps the moments of three generations together giving me joy is in part from an imprinted “homey” feeling it evokes.

December 23, 2012



Look who’s one year old today! Do any of you remember last year’s blog on this day…Frank and I both getting to watch Asa’s birth in the birthing tub, in his home, surrounded by love, and a computer set to Skype, with 7 other family members in L.A. watching (Drea was there with Tisha’s family of six)..and now here is Asa in Canada, not having a summer birthday as he would in N.Z., but a winter one, and all of us delighted to be able to spend this day together on this side of the world. Will and Forest forayed in the snow, still exciting for them…”a Large day” as they say in Newfoundland.

December 22, 2012



This was the best Christmas card delivery I’ve made…something to do with my escort and helper.