December 1, 2012

Caleigh and I this morning, her turning 13, me turning 65! great to be together for it. I was there for her birth and part of her naming, still special to me.  Here we are with my gift to her, a “Dr. Who” Tardis…a British Police phone booth that Dr. Who goes into and orbits into space. Frank had a lot of input into the perspective, and painstakingly creating the lettering with an exacto knife…

So glad Caleigh likes it, after all that. She seems to be matching it beautifully here. Lovely b.d. day all around, with great family breakfast, out with 3 of the 4 grandkids for lunch, then Caleigh had a great party and Frank and I went out to dinner and “Lincoln”…another milestone day passed. I need to say that each day passed is a milestone, or you’ll think I’m losing my touch.

4 responses to “December 1, 2012

  1. Jackie

    Happy birthday Barb. The quilt is beautiful! How fun for you to be together for your birthdays. I am in England attending the wedding of Paul’s sister and having a great visit with Amy and Paul in their new house. Love it!


  2. Marianne Weeks

    By the smile on her face, it looks as if all your [and Franks] hard work paid off…she looks very pleased…


  3. Marilyn

    What a beautiful gift…the quilt and your presence in her life. Happy Birthday Barb…sounds like those milestone days just keep coming!! So great.


  4. Wow, you’ve outdone yourself Barb! Amazing!


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