December 6, 2012

Today my thoughts were often on my dad, born this day in another world, the one after WWI and before WWII, in Poland. He had hoped to be an artist, but instead joined the Polish division of the RAF, which lead him to fighter pilot training in Toronto, which lead him to meet my mother, which lead him, after the war, to become a woman’s clothing retailer in this foreign land. The world only gets smaller, with more and more people living where they never expected to, through the force of love. Love on the Internet, meeting however one does, creating this drift from one country to another. I always felt sad for my father’s family, behind the (then) Iron Curtain, missing their son, he missing them. Now we have Skype, digital photos, email, long distance plans. Still, not being physically able to share your life near to those you love, continues to carry an element of sadness. As I think of my dad, as I miss Tish and her family, as I miss Ryan in Toronto, loved brothers, cherished sisters- in- law, family, friends who are not   near, I am so grateful that we can communicate so easily, we don’t have a Wall between us, we don’t have a war before us. Usually I think of my dad on this day and reflect on his name, …Adam Christopher Nicholas…his name covered the first man, the son of God, and the inspiration for Santa Claus. I’ve got you covered today, dad.

2 responses to “December 6, 2012

  1. Karin

    A lovely tribute, Barb. I’m sure that Adam Christopher Nicholas is smiling down on you today.


  2. Leslie

    Oh so sweet.


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