December 15, 2012



When we’re busy, and ever since the magical Invisible Fencing we bought this summer, we can put Daisy outside, and know she won’t wander. We even leave the blind up on the door in the evening so we’ll see her when she wants back in.  Then we forget about looking at the door. Daisy doesn’t bark, she just waits patiently. She’s sure if she just sits there, action will happen. The door will open. Oh to have the faith of a well loved dog!

4 responses to “December 15, 2012

  1. Elaine

    And then there’s Strider. whose actions are a total contradiction. Sits at the door, cries, howls, whines, almost cries real tears, scratches on the door and acts like a bear has hold of him, about to drag him away. Such a lady Daisy is, in comparison.


  2. eastcoastbabs

    these dogs are at two different spectrums in the dog world…Strider just wants to be working hard, pulling hard, running hard. Daisy is happy to sleep all day. But I’d hurt inside hearing the cries from Strider…what to do?


  3. Bella is in between. She’ll wait patiently up to a point and then she’ll do one short loud bark. If that doesn’t work, she upgrades to two and so on… 🙂


  4. Jackie

    Duke “knocks” on the door softly, then gets progressively louder and more insistent with the knocking – finally hurling himself at the door if we have not responded. He does not like being cold or wet, so his time outside is totally weather dependent. Dogs are so amazing with their different personalities. You are blessed with Daisy – it sounds like she has become a quiet confident dog under your loving care.


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