December 18, 2012



When we were first married, Frank would get an urge to make Cinnamon Buns in the evening, only to have them not ready to eat until 2 a.m.. The tradition has stuck. Over the years the urge comes on late. Tonight smarter female heads prevailed, and he was encouraged to tuck these rising beauties into the fridge for the night, so we can all savour their aroma as they cook for our breakfast feast in the morning…um, along with a latte..  Only one more sleep!

3 responses to “December 18, 2012

  1. Marilyn

    wow…they do look amazing!! enjoy your breakfast!


  2. Tish

    Ahhh – sooo wish we could have tried them too. The end result looked WAY too yummy! Miss everyone there. Not the same with no Lussing representative in our home this holiday. Better get used to it I guess! Enjoy your other girls and those little boys, and eat lots of delicious food for us!


  3. Jackie

    My sister made vegan cinnamon buns for our Boxing Day brunch. They are such a treat. Maybe next year I will try for gluten-free ones so everyone can enjoy, althought here was lots of other good food. I love Boxing Day and the days after Christmas for that….plenty of delicious food which is already prepared.


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