December 29, 2012



Well, holidays have beginnings and endings, and today was an ending. Will had already driven back to Wolfville, and Jen, Forest and Asa were next. Drea, in her usual pose on the couch…for a couch potato, she loves hiking!…hung out with us a while longer, but then too departed. The house is incredibly quiet…no daughters, no son in law, no grandsons, no grand -dog.  Just us, reading our Christmas books, Daisy at our feet. It feels quickly lonely till we once again adjust. And that’s what it’s about. Adjustment…always, chronically adjusting to change. Bending, shifting, swaying, whatever you call it. If you don’t do it, you’ll break.  Be like the trees in the wind, a perfect analogy, when you look at our wind blown trees on the eastern shore. This shore has its lessons for us. Goodbye for now, our lovely holidayers…


2 responses to “December 29, 2012

  1. Lovely post Barb! I kept thinking about you all over the holidays. I’m also adjusting to it being over. Thanks for the beautiful card and gift. Talk soon, Lots of Love and Happy New Year xo


  2. This is beautiful Barb, for some reason it’s really touched me… Ah changes… Love, Cissy

    p.s. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am that you’re still posting? Means the world to me… ox


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