January 7th, 2013



These ladies, Elsie and Leslie, are having much too much fun putting this table onto the roof rack. Some very powerful lessons which I’ve learned along the way, have come from the many independent single women I have had the pleasure to befriend over the decades. Widowhood, divorce, many roads lead to this lifestyle, but all these women for the most part, are content, resourceful, happy, in charge of their lives. I would stand back and let Frank do this job, and indeed, I stood back as these two competently did it. (someone has to wield the camera, after all) And no point learning how to do something that someone else can do well…but that’s my point. It’s in the need to do them that a lot of the personal growth happens. Ergo, I’m less evolved, but also content, happy, not so competent or resourceful, but still in charge of my life, as we all are. But also full of admiration.


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