January 23rd, 2013

IMG_0263This morning the air was so cold, and the ocean was not as, which caused the creation of “steam”. There is much to make up for the cold..really cold…days. Bright sun light looks brighter, clearer, on a crisp day, and the steam is wonderful to watch. It also feels alright to stay inside all day making Roman Blinds, just looking out now and then, when you know that it’s “too cold” to go out. Less guilt this way. Second day of blinds…only 2 more to go. I worked on curtains for Jen a few years back, in another country…funny. But there I was hot! But here, Jen is so much closer! as I said, cold isn’t so bad.

4 responses to “January 23rd, 2013

  1. Marianne Weeks

    I’d rather see steam off the ocean, than blinding steam coming out of my head when I go for a walk…blinding me and turning into ice on my sunglasses instantly…I was so bundled up today I felt like a ten year old walking to school in the big snowsuits we used to wear..with the scarf wrapped several times around your head and your arms don’t really go totally down to your sides because your arms can’t move….I could barely see where I was going and when I turned to look both ways to cross the street, I had to turn my whole body around…takes half an hour to get dressed for a 20 minute walk…-40 with the wind today…wahhh…but sunny…


    • eastcoastbabs

      I just saw Forest on Monday bundled up like that…he returned from his outing with Jen, a walking event, in tears from being so cold. He needed the face covered up to the eyeballs, and the sunglasses on, to be better protected. Jen doesn’t have a winter coat!!! she bundles, thinks this will all go away. I think this week might undo that thought.
      you made me laugh!!


  2. I’ve heard that mist that comes off the sea in the frigid weather called “sea smoke”


    • eastcoastbabs

      I think that’s exactly it’s name, which I couldn’t think of at the time…usually really late…when I was doing the blog. I love the name, “sea smoke”…thanks.


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