February 5th, 2013


Here’s my party favour from Forest’s 4th birthday.. I love him. He hangs out on the couch. Frank’s named him Pooky. Oh, we retired people have so much fun!IMG_0509and around the corner, we have Canada Geese this year. I’ve noticed them in more places this winter than over the last 9 winters here. They are everywhere in Ontario, but scarcer here…till now? They aren’t camera shy, at least.

4 responses to “February 5th, 2013

  1. Jen

    I wish you could have taken a cuter one. I feel like if you’re going to advertise that I made something, that it was something that I felt proud of. I may just have to make you a cute one to replace this reject pup:)


    • eastcoastbabs

      jen..I told you, Pooky is like a mutt that isn’t so attractive, but really loveable. I liked him best from his inception. But feel free to make me a cuter one if you must, and then let me choose which one I like best. I may not want to give up Pooky. Judy B. thinks he’s related to Ebba.


  2. Marianne Weeks

    Poooky! Too Cute!


  3. Pooky is adorable! 🙂


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