February 28th, 2013


we went over the protected dunes, very cool, to the beach in a new area…IMG_0760and Frank was happy…but, photos can lie. Frank was happy, but at the beach it was so windy that we had to head back after this photo. The past two days the double red flags have been out, warning that you aren’t to step foot into the water. The beach was deserted. What appeals to me about the photo is how it’s the truth and not the truth. “Photos lie ” does not have to mean that they were photo shopped, but that they can let the viewer think one thing when another is the truth. Have to love the white sand though. Love seeing it each day.

2 responses to “February 28th, 2013

  1. Marianne Weeks

    June just emailed me today and said they were getting a big nor ‘easter or norte and big rains and winds for the past couple of days…happy I went when I did….enjoy the sunshine!..xo
    She is in Mexico [Carribean side]of course…so not far from you, as the crow flies…


    • eastcoastbabs

      in the photos you often see Carole in shorts, but she’s so warm blooded and I’m always cold…actually today Frank and I walked briskly, dressed for cold, and it felt find, cloudy, like home, but when you just accept that the sun isn’t going to shine, it isn’t going to be warm, you can get on with it. 51F…
      glad you had good weather when you went. This does give me the big look into Snowbirds and staying for 3 months, etc. so I learned something. love, b


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