March 5th, 2013

IMG_0963A very long day of travelling, but a tiny respite during it was treating ourselves to a lovely meal at the ECO Restaurant at the Atlanta, Georgia airport. All the food and drink is as ecologically sourced as possible. Frank had an organic beer, which he enjoyed, and I devoured a large bottle of Hildon sparkling water, which – at least so it says on the label – claims to have a carbon neutral footprint.  The fun part of my water came also from watching “Parenthood”, a T.V. series, where a band recording at Adam and Crosby’s studio only wanted Hildon water.  How cool am I?  Really, I just ordered sparkling water and this is what I received, but I found it entertaining.  See, it doesn’t take much when you’re exhausted.  We ate a grilled Romaine salad with candied pecans, of course (Georgia, the pecan state). So interesting how the food world is evolving.  Aging has this as a perk, watching trends develop, seeing what lasts and what doesn’t.  Okay, airplane time….

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