April 20th, 2013


I started this quilt for one of our kids, then decided I NEEDED it! It works so well with our dark couch, paintings, carpet…so it’s going to stay here. Lots to do on it still, but I couldn’t resist…IMG_1366laying it on the couch as a “preview”.   Like it.   Now, getting back to “need”…I don’t really need it, I want it. And as we keep acquiring things, usually my creations, we know that one day we’ll downsize, so this isn’t the road we should be travelling. Then I think, we can offer up some of these acquisitions to our kids, and then we can “visit” the things. This lets me relax, and get back to creating. Then I think, the kids won’t want our things, they have different taste, they have their own acquisitions, I should stop cluttering and start de-cluttering. Then I have a glass of wine, do a Sudoko and stop thinking about it.

2 responses to “April 20th, 2013

  1. Marilyn

    Love your thinking, Barb!! It’s very much like the kind of things about which I muse at times. It seems to me that we can’t think too much about downsizing/squashing our creativity if we want to live full lives. Here’s to sudoko or crossword puzzles for me and a glass of wine!


    • eastcoastbabs

      funny thing…Tish saw the blog, and wants the quilt! it’s now travelling to L.A. with us this week. I had started it for her, without her seeing it, then fell for it myself.. Oh well, it leaves me room for more creativity…and one less acquisition..Thanks for the understanding words.


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