April 29th, 2013

IMG_1488View from the elevators on our 20th floor hotel room. So iconically Toronto! Frank in meetings.

IMG_1491The pigeons are tame! and enjoying the rain puddles.

IMG_1493The weather seems reminiscent of Spruce Court! There is the CN Tower, in the mist.

IMG_1495Blurry…unacceptable, but I just wanted to say…what the heck? are these pillows stacked this way for any possible reason? ahhh…appearance. Like the meat and vegetables all stacked on top of the potatoes at restaurants…actually, I became used to that, and you can still eat it all, but with the pillows, you need to make the effort to put them resting against the headboard or down on the bed. Totally without function as they are. There, my rant for the day. I could change this blog to a rant page instead of a photo page!

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