Saturday, May 4th, 2013

IMG_1518Walking along the canal in Venice Beach, on the way to the Farmers’ Market…notice the “little old lady” (likely my age)…rowing in the canal.

IMG_1519Wonderful homes to look at while walking…nice life style, live by the canal, walk to the beach.

IMG_1537Cycled along Venice Beach and over to and past Santa Monica Beach…why don’t I cycle at home? I loved it.

ImageArrived in Burbank to party land….Have you ever had your teacher attend your Birthday Party? Maya’s did, for her 10th birthday . It was clown themed. What a sport Mr. Pike is…great role model..

IMG_1591Frank was phoned first thing this a.m. that the moment we got to Burbank, Finn expected them to make a sailboat from scratch, so we arrived with Balsa wood and by evening the boat was painted.  Great to be here and actually hang up our clothes…and of course, to be with the Paster’s.

2 responses to “Saturday, May 4th, 2013

  1. Marianne Weeks

    Barb You look like a young girl on that bike! Amazing what a good dose of sunshine and feeling the lighthearted spirit of a place like Venice beach does for a soul! You should cycle at home…do you have a bike?…xo


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