May 9th, 2013


Frank in front of a huge Matisse, done in ceramic tile, a piece he was commissioned to do. We never knew of this piece, in this medium. This was at LACMA…the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.IMG_1671

I’m in front of a Rothko, one of my favourite artists.IMG_1679and here we are still at LCMA.. the HOLLYWOOD sign is the white blur on the right side hilltop..there is a tower above it. Lovely day, but by day’s end, Frank was the next one on antibiotics, both ears infected, fever. What a pair we’ve been this trip!!!!  It clearly isn’t keeping us from doing things, but maybe that’s part of the problem. Anyways, he’ll get better, I’ll eventually hear out of my right ear again, and we’ll remember the good parts of the trip, such as Caleigh’s President’s Education Award for outstanding academic excellence today, signed by President Obama! We’ve been able to be proud grandparents and that’s why we’re here to begin with.

3 responses to “May 9th, 2013

  1. Marianne Weeks

    Love those art pieces…the Matisse reminds me of his Jazz series…and I adore Rothko. And how proud you must be for your Grandson! Quite an achievement. Sorry you both have been sick though…get better soon!..xo


    • eastcoastbabs

      we’re trying to get better. I was back at a dr. today, but should hopefully be fit for the flight. And we are so proud of our grandson, but in this case it was our granddaughter Caleigh who owned the day. A lot of grandchildren here, all so special and unique as it goes with everyone. Enjoying these cuties, despite being “under the weather” but pretty amazing weather to be under.


  2. Lis

    I just read an Architectural digest, and read, about an auction where a Rothko went for $65 million and a Monet for $39 million. I preferred the Nympheas by Monet….
    Wonderful art to view. Love the Matisse, can imagine it on a wall…mmm a thought for a project.
    Too bad you two, with your sicknesses, but hope you are on the mend soon.
    And such a good feeling to be proud grandparents….


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