Sunday, May 12th, 2013


A Dodger’s game for Mother’s Day…not your run of the mill day…really fun with all 8 of us. Finn kept the beat to the chants, the kids used spray mist fans to keep the heat at bay…and the Dodgers won.IMG_1748

The two moms. I think Tish stopped getting taller a few decades back, so clearly I’m getting shorter, but short or tall, Tish made me a mother years back, and it’s such a pleasure to hang out with her and her kids that made her a mother, and her hubbie, of course, and mine. These men were essential in the Mother thing. Good day.IMG_1749The Paster’s. Finn was too hot and bothered after the game to smile on demand..but cute family photo nevertheless, all in BLUE for the Dodgers.

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